Windows Live Writer (Beta)

August 15, 2006

Microsoft introduced the writer last week. Its a good simple looking application, nice clean interface and some really good features. I liked the WYSIWYG feature. It gives you 4 different views which does you a world of good if you are picky about how you post looks like. And of course its mighty helpful when you are trying to insert photos in your post.

It is easy to configure it with different weblogs (Although I haven’t tried to test its configurability but I think I’ll take Microsoft’s word for it). If you have a weblog with which writer is not working, tell Microsoft, they want to know about it.

Another cool feature is the Windows Live Writer SDK. It allows you to extend the capabilities of the writer.

I’m writing this post using the Writer. Its looking nice so far but I think I’ve found a glitch I don’ think its auto-correct option is working. Firstly it was not enabled by-default I had to enable it my self. Secondly it didn’t make any difference either :). Ahhh and it doesn’t show my smiles as well :).

I’ve just realized that you have to invoke the spell checker (Shift+F7) to use the auto-correct option. When you invoke spell checker, it will automatically correct minor spelling mistakes. Which means no spell checking/auto-correction on the fly 😦


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