Somebody stole my Magic Bow

August 16, 2006

Well however odd this may sound but people might file such cases in future. The growing interest in MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games might just lead to this. Games like World of Warcraft can support thousands of players at a time. They all play simultaneously in a persistent world. To play you just need to buy the game and a monthly subscription to access the game world. Then you can go on playing and earn gold coins and similar currency with which you can buy weapons and stuff.

The world isn’t perfect in reality and in computer games as well :). Hackers can steal the account info, virtual gold, magic weapons etc in MMO games and sell it for real money 🙂 and a good chunk of it as well. Microsoft has recently issued a warning to the MMO game players about this threat. Lets see what they come up with to eradicate it. If not, the police might need to set up an online crime branch employing computer scientists :).


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