Second time lucky

August 27, 2006

A couple of days back (on Thursday 24th August) I went to purchase a laptop from Shah Almi market (Lahore). I stood under an 8 story tall building as I confirmed the shop’s address from my brother over the phone. I didn’t buy the computer because I didn’t like it but when I came out of the shop (which was not more than ~50-60 yards away from where I called my brother), I saw that the top four floors of that very building had collapsed. It was a terrible scene. Certainly the most tragic scene I’ve witnessed. People were trapped under the rubble, injured people were lying on the road, cars under that building were smashed, and even worst there were some people (possibly labors) trapped in another building whose exits were blocked by the debris. The rescue workers took 10 agonizing minutes to come but still considering that particular locality, I’d say that it was a very good response time.

This was my second narrow escape. Some 5 months earlier, I was working out in the gym when a powerful storm struck Lahore. When it was relatively calm outside, I thought this would be the perfect time to go home because I just needed 10 minutes window to reach home. Suddenly when I came out, the wind picked up again. I put my helmet on as I reassessed the situation, and the next second, a huge window glass smashed right on top of my head. I could think of nothing else to do but to go back inside the gym. I went back there in the morning and saw a window (~8-10 yards away) missing a 4′ square glass. I could tell that it was something big because of the intensity of the impact. It flew all that way to smash top of my head. My helmet proved life saving after all 🙂


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