Bio Hazard?

September 15, 2006

I always thought that kashif was one of those rare people who have a good taste for humor. He just recovered from Hepatitis A and this is his ploy to protect his drink from others.


3 Responses to “Bio Hazard?”

  1. lol. This means Kashif has fully recovered :D.

  2. Ayaz said

    yup up and running 🙂

  3. […] This is pretty nice, its a picture of me with a bottle of 7up with a post-it note on it saying ‘BIOHAZARD’. The drawing beneath it is the sign for chemical weapons i believe. I put the note there to prevent people from drinking from that bottle. We have a ‘POLICY’ of ‘take stuff and dont ask’ that has been going on from my college days (reason for which i dont keep money in my shirt pocket anymore) and has somehow invaded my office. I was actually doing good to the would-be-drinkers because i had jondice some weeks ago and am still under quarantine. […]

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