Last dine-out with a great friend

September 21, 2006

Miain Fahim-ul-Haq gave us his own farewell treat last night:). Yup! that sounds quite odd but not that odd if you know us. But everything apart, it was one of the most memorable dinner. Well for me at least; specially because it was perhaps my last dinner for a long time with one of my most trusted and most reliable friend as Fahim is leaving for Microsoft tomorrow. BEST OF LUCK to him. I’ll write more about us guys in my next blogs.

Here’s a pic of us all (well almost since Rehan is behind the camera:))

Here is a pic of Fahim (in White) and me (the other one:) )

Adding Rehan’s pic on his request 🙂



2 Responses to “Last dine-out with a great friend”

  1. Rehan said

    yeh man!!!

    it was a real f9 day which will remain in ma memories (YAADEIN u knw na :P) for a long tym…

    n dat wot ayaz written “a TRUSTED FRIEND” i really agree wid dat… he has been a very nyc guy n surely we’ll gonna miss him wid out ne doubt…

    n one thing why em i alays behind the camera 😦

  2. haha well Rehan I’ll find a pic of you as well 🙂

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