Yup! this is what everyone is talking about in recent hours. The search engine company acquires YouTube after its own Google Videos was not that big success. I don’t know if it is even correct to call Google just a search engine company anymore because it has really spread its wings. It seems like everything you do online is or will be run by Google. The thing that amazes me is that its only Google that comes up with innovative ideas (or atleast implements them first). What are people at Microsoft and Yahoo doing? why aren’t they coming up with brand new ideas? Ok right Microsoft was originally not an Internet related company but Yahoo? AOL?

I was not originally a Google fan. Infact I didn’t know about it till I was in university (yea embarrassing :() but it has certainly changed the way we think and use Internet.

P.S. I wrote this entry at office yesterday but couldn’t post it because of work load :(. Another good reason for me to get a laptop ASAP :).


Google Code Search

October 6, 2006

Another feather in Google’s cap. Google announced its Code Search beta project yesterday. It allows you to search through a huge code base. Its yet another good step for Google but it can certainly do with some more features for instance displaying results by grouping together the code from same project etc.

On top of every thing, it needs to be a bit more intelligent in bringing up the results. As it stands, you need to have a great deal of idea about what you are searching. If I want to search code for ‘parser’, it should ideally bring up code from any parser project instead of pulling up files that have parser in comments or code snippets. But then again ideal world and ideal software only exists in ideas :).

Google literacy project

October 5, 2006

++hits for Google. They just keep on coming don’t they. Now they’ve teamed up with UNESCO to  launch the Google Literacy Project at the Frankfort Book Fair yesterday. I don’t think that they have done something significantly new in this project rather than grouping together some of their existing products/feature in a single portal. But its still a great idea which will certainly help and encourage school students to find relevant material and in quick time as well.

Yahoo opens up Mail code

October 3, 2006

Yahoo announced yesterday that it will unlock the source code for Yahoo mail to public. It will be available sometime later in 2006 according to Jason Rupp, product manager for Yahoo!’s email services.

It would be fun working with it and creating some small customized apps. I wonder if Google and specially Microsoft will follow.