5 Yrs ago

November 2, 2006

Jeff Atwood has an interesting post about taking a look at what you did 5 years ago the comments are really interesting. Reading through them you can clearly see that most of the programmers start of scripting.

Anyway 5 years ago I just started my graduation. I started by programming in C in my first semester. I developed an IDE to mimic Borland’s IDE and I developed an Employee Database system in C (using txt files as the database 🙂 and without any knowledge what so ever about databases). Yea all of that was in first semester :). But the code was as messy as it gets. I used mouse handling and Borland’s Graphics library for creating menus etc. But they were Drawn and re-drawn in the worst possible way :). Perhaps I didn’t know about program structure coz there wasn’t any.

I actually remember writing a ~50 page documentation for it as well which included all sorts of flow charts etc. But that was crappy as well. I think I agree that looking back at your old code is the best way to get scared and perhaps learn from it as well.


3 Responses to “5 Yrs ago”

  1. Faisal Naveed said

    Hmm…, now was Jeff’s post “intrusting” or “interesting”???

  2. Ayaz said

    Ahh typo … well caught thanx 🙂

  3. haseeb said

    forget not that all variables were global 😛

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