Be a Geek but not a Freak

November 9, 2006

I’ve had some interesting discussions about the importance of socialization for developers with some really interesting people. Some people really think that being a developer is just about sitting in front of your computer and coding all day long. And I’m not talking about only the hardcore developers. I have talked to Management people, Business men, and some Industrialist as well. Most of them (specially the non-technical people) think this is what a developer is all about.

I think this mindset needs to change for the good of developers themselves. We need to realize that everything does not come on your computer screens. Now I’m not ignoring the importance of time we spend coding, the more time we spend coding, the better we get. But the equation that sums up a good and *effective* developer is not that simple. There are other factors involved as well.

Being a good developer is not only being a good coder, which we all are. I think having an active social life and taking time out to enjoy life contributes towards your success as well. You grow in experience as you meet more people. As you grow in experience, your vision enhances. As your vision enhances, you start seeing things other can’t. When that starts happening your personality matures and so does your work. With the enhanced vision the software you develop will have more life, will be more flexible and more adapt to unseen changes because you have the vision to foresee what others can’t :).

But with all that said, it’s really important to manage your time well. There should be a balance between the time you spend doing the *geek work* and the time you need to socialize and relax. Our mind needs time to relax that’s the natural way it works. Not letting it relax would be like over driving your car. It will only reduce its capabilities and life. Sometimes we need to give our mind a break to use it effectively for doing what we love doing the most *CODE*.


2 Responses to “Be a Geek but not a Freak”

  1. Faisal Naveed said

    I couldn’t agree more!

    A few days back I read a very interesting article explaining the difference of a coder and a developer. This may not be directly related to this post but the traits of a developer described in it cannot be acquired without being social (at least in my view :$)

    here is the link to that article:

  2. Ayaz said

    Agreed! and being social is not the only part. We need to ENJOY what we do and for that the mind needs to relax. Now what’s relaxing is a personal trait but the bottom line is that we need to get off our computer chairs every once in a while 🙂 and see the world outside the 17″ screen ;).
    BTW nice article 🙂 thx

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