An Interesting Cricket Match in History

November 18, 2007

Here’s an interesting match that I found on CricInfo. There are some really interesting events in this match. The most interesting fact is that this is the first match in the History of Test Cricket in which all the 11 players were used for bowling. Yes! that’s right all the 11 players even the wicket keeper. Using the wicket keeper for bowling is not so unusual. There have been captains who have used wicket keepers to bowl. MS Dhoni from India bowls right arm medium pacers. But the amazing fact is that Lyttelton, England’s keeper and one of the 11 bowlers used, took 4 for 8 in a high scoring game when the regular bowlers failed to make an impact. These, however, were the only four wickets he took in his career.

The story about this match is worth reading but what I failed to understand was what caused the England captain to choke so much to use all the 11 players to have a go at the batters. Perhaps he was frustrated spending almost 2 and a half days on the field 🙂


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